Roller Shutter Doors for Industrial & Commercial use

In South Africa a roller shutter door is the most common and most cost effective type of door used for factories and warehouses. Sandpalm Doors has been manufacturing roller shutter doors since 1994 and designs and installs the highest quality roller shutter doors according to our client’s needs and specifications.

The standard slat finish for roller shutter doors is Z275 galvanized mild steel.  Sandpalm Doors has a variety of slat styles; solid, punched and perforated are available in both 100mm and 75mm widths. These slats can be powder coated with a large range of different colours. Perfect for our South African crime situation, roller shutters are excellent for protecting shop fronts from vandalism and burglary. For higher wind resistance; end locks, wider side channels and telescopic wind brace are available. Roller shutter doors can be operated by push up, chain, crank or be motorized with 24v, 220v or 380v electric motors.

See our gallery for pictures of some of our installations.

Roller Shutter Doors (2)


Roller Grille Doors

Roller Grille curtains are formed of 10mm diameter round bar clipped together with 2mm thick galvanized steel clips. The grilles come in standard QD enamel black, bronze or silver finish, but can be sprayed to match other colours. Electro-galvanized finish is also available and aluminium curtains on request.  See our three patterns below, Romany, Pera and Circo.

Attractive brickbond pattern is also available with 180 x 90 apertures formed with pipes and links for an effective security barrier. Generally this is the only grille type that can be successfully powder coated. The standard finish is electro-galvanized.



Fire Resistant Roller Shutter Door

A recent project of Sandpalm Doors was to get our Fire Resistant roller shutter door tested through the SABS.    Tests done on a single skin steel slat for a 2 hour rated door as well as on a double steel skin insulated slat for a 4 hour rated door.  Both the tests were a success with the integrity and strength of the roller shutters lasting the required time.  This type of fire resistant shutter is either activated with a fusible link which breaks at a certain temperature or if the door is motorised it is activated to close through some form of fire alarm system.  Sandpalm Doors can also produce a fire activated horizontal sliding door.

Fire roller shutter test with 2 Hr curtain

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