High Speed Doors

PVC curtain high speed doors are primarily used inside warehouses and factories where temperature, airflow, contaminants and dust need to be controlled. These doors open and close extremely quickly allowing forklifts to move from one area to another with the minimum loss of the conditions being protected and are designed for high frequency usage. After worldwide investigation into suppliers of this type of product Sandpalm has teamed up with Ditec S.P.A. , an Italian manufacturer with extensive experience and a comprehensive product range.  These products include; full curtain rapid roll up doors, self-repairing curtain rapid roll up doors, modular curtain rapid roll up doors and modular section high speed fold up doors. The PVC curtains are available in a range of colours as well as specific materials for food processing plants.  The housings for the weights, springs, motors and roll up curtains are available in galvanized steel, powder coated galvanized steel and stainless steel all depending on the requirement. All Ditec products are manufactured in accordance with CE regulations.

If you are in the process of replacing the industrial doors on your business premises, you might need to consider settling on high speed doors. Ideal for both internal and external use, Sandpalm Doors’ scope of high speed industrial doors has turned out to be incredibly popular with organizations in an extensive variety of industry sectors. Our range of doors allows you to:

Enhance Traffic Flow: Each door opens and closes quickly, enabling you to make full utilization of the passage height. This both enhances security and expels the requirement for drivers to open and close the door behind them.

Control Noise Pollution: With opening velocities of up to 3m/sec and closing speeds of 1m/sec, these doors work substantially quicker than conventional modern doors and allows you to quickly shut out unwanted noise.

Control Temperatures: Maintaining temperatures is not just critical as far as creating a comfortable working environment, however can likewise be a vital part of your business operation. Regardless of whether you have to keep your room warm, or stop the heat form getting in all together, these doors will help you maintain a controlled domain.

Enjoy A Long Lasting Door: The superb standard of materials and equipment used in the manufacturing of these doors mean they have been produced to an incredibly high standard. Every door is designed for high levels of usage and you can therefore be sure that it will keep on working productively for a long time to come.

At Sandpalm Doors, we have considerable experience of installing doors of this kind. We have a full range of high speed doors; giving our customers a wide scope to select from. With an extensive variety of controls and accessories available with your installation, we can meet pretty much any requirements your business may have.

High Speed Doors

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